Crash Baggage Spinner Suitcase Crab Red 11 - Small (55 X 33 X 20 cm)


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Crash Baggage


Crash Baggage Spinner Suitcase Crab Red 11 - Small (55 X 33 X 20 cm)

♦ We love to move without worries. Crash Baggage already has the typical dents that are caused by frequent use. Indeed, over time, the new dents give ever more personally to the sultcase. 

♦ Hard cabin trolley with 4 multi-directional double wheels grants maximum mobility and minimum effort while walking. Suitable to accompany you on board as hand luggage in compliance with all airline companies’ requirements. Ideal for brief journeys of maximum 5 days. It features a useful inside pocket to organize the luggage content. 


♦ Reliable on all pavements

♦ Easy to carry without effort

♦ Inseparable companion of long-haul journeys and many adventures.

♦ Indestructible.


♦ Brand: Crash Baggage

♦ Weight & Capacity: 2.6 kg 40L

Italian Product

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