Cream Silk Conditioner Damage Control 180 ml


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Cream Silk


Cream Silk Conditioner Damage Control 180 ml 

♦ Damage can make hair negatively charged than usual. the more excess negative charge the hair carries, the more frizzy hair gets. for hair to stay healthy and beautiful, it needs to have the right amount of moisture and hydration. have a striking, standout straight hair that you always wanted with cream silk damage control conditioner.

♦ This conditioner is infused with positively charged ingredients that help reduce the extra negative charge brought about by damaged hair so that you get the remarkably beautiful straight hair. if your crowning glory has undergone chemical treatment or your daily regimen includes the use of heat styling tools, then it is advised to level up your protection with the cream silk conditioner. this conditioner intensively repairs these weak areas to for better damage control against breakage and split-ends.


♦ Brand: Cream Silk

♦ Size: 180 ml

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