Dettol Disinfectant Kitchen Cleaner 500 ml


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Dettol Disinfectant Kitchen Cleaner 500 ml


Dettol Disinfectant 4 in 1 Kitchen Cleaner (Rose) 500 ml

♦ The kitchen is the room that can harbour the highest numbers of harmful germs. 
♦ DETTOL has developed a range of antibacterial products specifically designed to combat these germs and help stop them 
   spreading to you and your family. 
♦ From worktops to bins and even your hands, DETTOL provides the solution to meet your needs.


♦ Dettol Disinfectant Kitchen Cleaner is ideal for tackling tough kitchen cleaning tasks as it cleans tough grease as well as the 
   leading cleaner with bleach. 
♦ It gives a powerful clean without leaving any harsh chemical residue behind, as its Active Oxygen ingredient breaks down to just 
   water and oxygen so there’s no need to rinse afterwards. 
♦ As well as being tough on dirt it kills 99.9% of bacteria.
♦ Lasting fragrance
♦ Brightens surfaces 


Brand: Dettol

Size: 500ml

Scent: Rose

Made In U.A.E

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