Dotz Home Entertainment Cord Identifiers Kit


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Dotz Home Entertainment Cord Identifiers Kit 

Never plug or unplug the wrong cord or cable again. Home Entertainment Cord Identifer Kit makes the most complicated home theater, gaming or tv/phone/internet installations as easy as matching a shirt with pants. Match color, number and text on both ends of the cord to easily see your electronic device connections, visible even in low-lit areas. Perfect for receiver, monitor, tv, Blu-Ray player, camcorder, cable box, stereo/speaker system, gaming, internet and coaxial cable wiring behind walls, on separate floors or in different rooms. Choose one of two Cord Identifer sizes to fit around standard cord and cable diameters; the Jumbo Identifier is perfect for HDMI cables.

Features & Specifications:

-Never plug or unplug the wrong cord again with home theater, gaming or TV/phone/internet wiring

-Identifies and organizes up to 12 cord or cable connections (with Cord Identifiers placed on both ends)

-12 Regular clear Cord Identifiers and 12 Jumbo-sized clear Cord Identifiers

-72 color-coded Stickers to match colors and numbers on 36 Identifier Inserts

-Device Chart to simply record color, number and/or text for each matching connection

-Assorted color


In the Box:

-Dotz Home Entertainment Cord Identifiers KIt


Warranty: 1 month


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