Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Powder Soft 150 ml

- Love touch-me textures? Cashmere jumpers, velvet dresses or silk sheets... we just love that feeling of softness on our skin.

- It’s luxuriously comforting, just like Dove Powder Soft Antiperspirant.

- Warm, floral scent of freesias and peonies that reminds us of that comforting baby powder scent we all know and love from our childhood.

- This kind alcohol-free formula doesn’t just feel soft – it helps your skin to feel soft too, reducing irritation and helping you stay dry for up to 48 hours.

- And with ¼ moisturising cream to care for delicate underarm skin

- Enjoy beautifully soft and smooth underarm skin in just three days.

- Brand: Dove

- Size: 150 ml


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