Dr.Frei Electrical Breast Pump GM30

♦ Advanced Swiss technology for fast milk expression and adjustable suction power.


♦ Advanced Swiss technology

♦ Fast and comfortable milk expression

♦ Adjustable suction power

♦ Soft breast shield for maximum comfort

♦ Suitable for bottles with wide and narrow neck

♦ BPA free

♦ AC/DC applied

How to Use:

♦ Assemble the breast pump according to the instructions

♦ Put batteries in battery hatch or connect power adapter before using

♦ Press the breast shield tightly to create proper seal

♦ Turn on the switch

♦ Adjust suction by turning the switch and release suction by pressing release button with proper rhythm 


♦ Brand: DR+ Frei

♦ Model: GM-30

♦ Made in china

Guarantee: 1 year

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