Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS4 – PAL

* True power knows no limit: The greatest heroes and villains in the Dragon Ball universe go head to head in a fast-paced fighting game



- Discover your true power and unleash your inner Saiyan

- Take control of some of the most iconic warriors from the Dragon Ball Z universe and let rip with a tide of unstoppable moves and devastating aerial combos as you fight to overcome the most powerful adversaries in the universe

- Enter the arena with up to three fighters from a familiar roster of characters, such as Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and Boo, and enter a wide range of destructible arenas inspired by classic locations from the hit TV series

- Classic scenes from the animated series are also recreated in high-defintiion, stylised visuals along with a brand new story from the Dragon Ball universe featuring a host of much-loved mainline characters in a struggle against a new enemy



- Dual Shock 4 Vibration

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