Duramitt Pet Mitt with Rubber Massagers


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Duramitt Pet Mitt with Rubber Massagers

♦ The Duramitt represents the natural progression in cleaning products by permanently bonding an attachment (eg. Rubber massaging studs) to a protective waterproof latex mitten. The Duramitt is a patented product that provides vastly superior performance when compared with a normal combination of an abrasive pad, latex glove and sponge. The Duramitt allows the user to increase productivity.

♦ It also provides an ergonomically correct "Open-handed" hand position that permits longer periods of comfortable activity, while providing a larger working surface than that of a normal scour pad and sponge. In the past, it was necessary to grasp a pad with your fingers. 

♦ The Pet Mitt is the choice of animal lovers for bathing and grooming their pets. The studs are designed to pamper pets with a gentle massage and to remove tangles without damaging their fur. At the same time, the latex mitt protects your hand from the effects of any harsh pet shampoo or powder.


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