Ecoware Biodegradable Cups 220 ml - 10 Pieces


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Ecoware Biodegradable Cups 220 ml - 10 Pieces

♦ Ecoware from earth to earth, Biodegradable food Cups that is safe for you, your family and environment, these Cups is 100% biodegradable In 90 days in soil, Made from plants with strong and sturdy design, these Cups is perfect for home, travel, school and work, microwafe safe and water proof. 


♦ 100% biodegradable in 90 days in soil

♦ 100% Compostable In home or commercial facility

♦ 0% Plastic: Made from plants and Contains no lining

♦ Convenient sturdy strong and stackable design 

♦ Microwave safe  -20 C to 180 C

♦ Certified as per USDA

♦ Oil & Water proof Up to 1 hour

♦ Eco- friendly 


♦ Brand: Ecoware

♦ Size: 220 ml

♦ Content: 10 Pieces 

Made in India


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