KIF Almosafer AlKaif Coffee Mix 500 g


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KIF Almosafer AlKaif Coffee Mix 500 g
Kif Almosafer


KIF Almosafer AlKaif Coffee Mix 500 g

♦ Satisfy your mood with KIF coffee mix The making of the original Arabic coffee starts from the appropriate mixing of natural ingredients (cardamom, saffron, ginger and others). The person differentiates between the usual coffee and this one whose fragrance spreads to the utmost to satisfy the mood by inhaling it before even tasting it! KIF coffee mix distinguishes you at home, office, or even at excursions; a few spoons of this mix added to your coffee would change its colour to the golden beloved haze with irresistible taste with the gorgeous fragrance. It is the fragrance of the coffee prepared with the KIF coffee mix that gives you various tastes depending on the added amount of the mix, to satisfy your mood. 


♦ An instant result that distinguishes your coffee as soon as added.

♦ Time saving and inexpensive to get the similar result, only with KIF coffee mix!

♦ No added flavors or colours.

♦ 100% Natural Ingredients


♦ Brand: KIF Almosafer

♦ Size: 500 g 

Product of KSA

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