Slime 70005 Safety Spair Flat Tire Repair System

The Safety Spair is for Standard Tires and repairs a flat at the push of a button: Slime Safety Spair sends sealant and air into the flat tire, repairing and reinflating the tire in one simple step. With safety spair there is no need to remove the valve core, wait for a tow, or resort to using a tire jack and heavy tools.

Features & Specifications:

- Brand: Slime 

- Model: 70005

- Designed for use with vehicles

- Tire inflation time: 4 minutes

- Total repair time: 7 minutes

- Power Supply: Directly from car Lighter

- Heavy-duty 12 V tire inflator.

- Product Dimensions: 16.25 × 21.3 × 13.7 cm

- On/off power

- Powerful Built-in Compressor

In the Box:

- Slime 70005 Safety Spair

- Manual

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