DAC Rust & Stain Power Gel Bowl Cleaner 750 ml


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DAC Rust & Stain Power Gel Bowl Cleaner 750 ml


DAC Rust & Stain Power Gel Bowl Cleaner 750 ml

♦ DAC 6x Effect Power Gel Bowl cleaner will make an excellent choice for keeping your toilet bowl clean. This DAC Power Gel Bowl cleaner is simple to use.The DAC 6x Effect Rust And Stain Power Gel Bowl Cleaner has a powerful formula that makes it possible to remove the toughest and resilient of rust and stains with unbelievable ease. This toilet bowl cleaner not only kills the bacteria, but also provides dirt removal, freshness, and thorough cleaning under the water. This easy to use toilet bowl cleaner has a very thick liquid formula that covers the entire bowl surface and provides excellent cleanliness without the need of scrubbing. It comes in a 750ml compact bottle that can be easily stored on your bathroom shelf.


This DAC 6x Effect Power Gel bowl cleaner is easy to use and will help you effectively get rid of the dirt and bacteria, leaving your toilet fresh and shiny. Also, this bowl cleaner is anti-limescale, which means it will not clog up in the pipes of your toilet bowl, thus making it perfect to use.


This DAC Power Gel bowl cleaner offers the perfect way of cleaning your toilet and keep it free from stains. Simply open the cap and squirt the gel under the toilet rim, let it work, and rinse it after some time. For antibacterial cleaning, just leave the product of bowl to work for fifteen minutes and in case of removing extremely persistent stains and dirt, let this liquid do its work for about sixty minutes before brushing and rinsing it off.


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