Pril Multi Power Dishwashing Liquid Blue 1 L


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Pril Multi Power Dishwashing Liquid Blue 1 L


Pril Multi Power Dishwashing Liquid Blue 1 L

♦ Pril dishwashing liquid leaves no white residue and leaves your utensils sparkling clean. This dishwashing liquid is enriched with the power of 100 lemons. The Pril Multi Power Dishwashing Liquid is tough on stains but gentle on your delicate hands. It has a thick texture yet dissolves quickly in water, thereby providing you with an excellent cleaning performance. It contains the power of 100 lemons that scrubs away even the most terrible residues from your dishes. It has a pleasant, citric smell that refreshes your senses. Unlike other dishwashing liquid, this Pril dishwashing liquid does not leave white residue on your utensils after wash. Also, it does not damage or scratch your expensive cookware’s delicate surfaces. This dishwashing liquid is available in a handy 1L bottle.

Product Features:


    This Pril dishwashing liquid is formulated with an advanced formula that includes the power of 100 lemons and provides you with complete protection against stubborn stains and foul odor. The lemon extracts present in this liquid not only cleans grease and crusts but also leaves your utensils clean and fresh so that you can enjoy your meal to the fullest. It gives you a pleasant cleaning experience with an everlasting lemon fragrance.


    From removing extra-resistant food residue from your dishes to giving a brilliant shine to your utensils, this Pril dishwashing liquid will do it all for you. It is an ideal solution for all your dishwashing purposes. With a very little quantity, you can clean an entire sink full of dirty utensils. This dishwashing liquid not only leaves your dishes and utensils visibly clean but also makes them hygienically safe to use.



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