Has Been Heroes for Nintendo Switch - NTSC

Has-Been Heroes is a roguelike action game featuring a band of heroes on a quest to escort the King's twin princesses to magic Academy. The game combines strategy and action into a mix where you control three characters and focus on combining spells and items for devastating combo effects! 



-Features a young rogue, a wishful wannabe hero, who stumbles across a pair of heroes.

-Eager for heroics, the young rogue joins the band of heroes and the trio put their best foot forward

-As the heroes travel across the world, they come across a wide variety of enemies - ranging from bad-breath skeletons and zombies to evil spirits, the meanest of all enemies (100% evil!)

-Each enemy type has specific attributes and immunities, so the player needs to make them hittable by using spells of a certain type. New characters are unlocked during the course of the game.




-1-4 players


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