Flents Open N Clear Nasal Cleansing Kit


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Flents Open N Clear Nasal Cleansing Kit


Flents Open N Clear Nasal Cleansing Kit

♦ Nasal Open and clear nasal cleaning kit a safe natural alternative to get immediate relief form colds, sinusitis and allergies.


♦ Immediate relief from colds, allergies and sinusitis

♦ A safe and natural alternative to over-the-counter drugs

♦ Contains a neti pot, sea salt and measuring spoon


How to use:

♦ Rinse neti pot with hot water to cleans before each use

♦ Measure one level of sea salt from container using the enclosed measuring spoon

♦ Fill neti pot with luke-warm water up to the "fill to" line and stir to dissolve the salt

♦ Position cup so that the solution enters the nostril while breathing through your mouth. Do not hold your breath

♦ When solution is gone, exhale gently through both nostrils to remove any excess solution

♦ Gently blow nose

♦ Repeat these steps for the other nostril



♦ Brand: Flents 

Made In china

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