Franck Olivier Private For Her EDP 50 ml


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Franck Olivier Private For Her EDP 50 ml
Franck Olivier


Franck Olivier Private For Her EDP 50 ml

♦ Frank Olivier Private perfume for women exudes a seductive and sensual aroma. This Franck Olivier perfume comes in a luxurious 25ml flacon. Fall in love with the floral and fruity fragrance of Private by Franck Olivier. It embraces your skin with compelling sensuality and sunny elegance. This Eau de Parfum for women comes in comes in a beautiful flacon that never fails to catch attention. This perfume opens up with the tangy aroma of black currant and red apple that unleashes your playful nature so that you can approach the day with joy. This fragrance settles down with a woody and aquatic aroma of musk and sea water, which gives you a soothing feeling at the end of the day. The fruity top notes mingle with the sweet presence of lily of the valley to give you an overwhelming feel.

Pefrume Notes: 

Top notes: comprise of tangerine, black currant, melon, red apple and dried fruits. The fusion of these elements gives the fragrance a seductive start that will win you the much deserved attention. This tangy aroma will be a perfect pick for the start of a weekend getaway.

Middle notes: floral notes in the heart of this Franck Olivier Private perfume give you a refreshing feeling throughout the day. The middle notes of sandalwood, jasmine, clove, rose and lily of the valley add a clean and bright profile.

Base notes: settles with a soothing note of sea water. The combination of musk and oakmoss adds a calming and contemporary touch to the composition of this perfume.

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