Fresh Badhinjan Eggplant (Kuwait) 1 kg


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Fresh Badhinjan Eggplant (Kuwait) 1 kg


Fresh Badhinjan Eggplant (Kuwait) 1 kg

♦ Eggplant contains many health benefits that can help protect the body from many health conditions naturally. Many vegetarians use eggplants in their meals to make them heartier and filling.


♦ Eating eggplant a few times a week with a meal can help relax blood vessels in the heart
♦ It improves circulation and help keep cholesterol at healthy levels so it is good for the heart
♦ It has the ability to protect brain cell membranes from free radical cells from damaging them
♦ Eggplant is excellent to eat to help keep the digestive tract healthy due to the high amount of fiber in it
♦ Eggplant can also help prevent colon and stomach cancer naturally due to the high amount of potent antioxidants in it
♦ The nicotine in eggplants may help smokers curve cigarette cravings while they are trying to quit smoking if added to their diet


♦ Weight: 1 kg

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