Fresh Broccoli (USA) 600 g


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Fresh Broccoli (USA) 600 g


Fresh Broccoli (USA) 600 g

♦ Excellent source vitamins A and C.Very good source folacin and vitamin E.


♦ With its cabbage-like flavor and satisfying crunch, we think of broccoli as one of the ultimate vegetables.
♦ It's nutritious, low in calories, available year-round and hearty.
♦ Steam it, stir-fry it, sauté it, bake it in casseroles, purée it in soups or dunk it raw in dressing or hummus. 
♦ Contains a huge amount of soluble fiber which is proven to be effective in drawing out cholesterol from the body.
♦ Broccoli contains a substantial amount of nutrients that are extremely good for health including vitamins A, C, folic acid, fiber and calcium. 


♦ Weight: 600 g

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