Fresh Green Onions Leaves (Saudi) 1 kg


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Fresh Green Onions Leaves (Saudi) 1 kg
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Fresh Green Onions Leaves (Saudi) 1 kg

♦ Green onions, like all onion varieties, contain powerful substances that scientists believe may help fight cancer and other diseases. They are commonly used in salads, sandwiches, soups and stir-fry dishes. Green onions can be eaten raw or cooked.


♦ It is mainly used as a traditional medicine for common cold
♦ It stimulates the respiratory tract and helps in expelling sputum (phlegm)
♦ It contains essential oils that stimulates the sweat glands and promote sweating
♦ It normalizes blood pressure and, increases appetite and helps prevent diarrhea
♦ It is rich in sulfur, an essential element that kills or inhibits fungus infections
♦ It inhibits cancer cell growth especially colon cancer
♦ It contains vitamin A and C. The white part of it has calcium, too


♦ Weight: 1 kg

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