Fresh Mongosteen (Thailand) 400 g (Approx.)


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Fresh Mongosteen (Thailand) 400 g (Approx.)


Fresh Mongosteen 400 g (Approx.)

♦ Regarded as the Queen of Fruits, mangosteen is unique in its looks, taste and properties for health.

Features & Benefits:

♦ The flesh is very sweet, and it is a perfect snack fruit, tasty and refreshing. 
♦ Mangosteen is often termed a superfruit due to its exceptionally high nutritional value, couple with a very high antioxidant value. 
♦ The fruit is covered with thick deep purple-black, protecting a very delicate, soft fruit pulp

♦ Mangosteen’s taste it is very fragrant, sour-sweet and exotic, ranging in similarity to pineapple, peach, strawberry and grape.


♦ Weight: 400 g
♦ Colour: Purple-Black 

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