Fresh Kuwaiti Dill (50 g Approx)


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Fresh Shibind (Dill) (Kuwait) 75 g (Approx.)

♦ Aromatic, and grassy, with a bracing freshness. The entire herb leaves, stalks, and seeds is edible. Try  fresh dill with fish, vegetables, and stews. 


♦ Feathery dill's fresh, mild flavors of licorice and parsley are a delicious accent for eggs, cheese, vegetables, and fish
♦ Green leaves are wispy and fernlike and have a soft, sweet taste
♦ Shibind is a wonderful  herb, it brings a unique fresh, lemony flavour to a wide variety of dishes
♦ Very good source of minerals, particularly calcium, which is essential to maintain healthy teeth and bones


♦ Weight: 75 g (Approx.)

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