Fresh Yellow Capsicum Jordan (500 g Approx)


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Fresh Yellow Capsicum Jordan (500g Approx)

♦ Capsicum helps in curing many diseases that include lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and warding off strokes and heart attacks, speeding up metabolism, treating colds and fevers, preventing cancer and pain control.


♦ Capsicum increases the metabolism by lowering triglycerides, which are stored fats in blood corpuscles. This helps in burning calories
♦ Capsicum is an important source of vitamin A and vitamin C. These two vitamins are powerful antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals in the body
♦ Capsicum has the capacity to prevent clotting of blood. Vitamin C is found to play a major role in dissolving blood clots
♦ Capsaicin content in capsicum is effective in fighting off food-borne bacterial diseases like Vibrio vulnificus bacteria found in raw shellfish
♦ The compound capsaicin is also believed to treat cancer by preventing carcinogens from binding with DNA


♦ Weight: 500g

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