Fuzzyard Cotton Candy Candy Strp Lead ( 141 cm )


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Fuzzyard Cotton Candy Candy Strp Lead ( 141 cm )


Fuzzyard Cotton Candy Candy Strp Lead

♦ The Fuzzyard Strap dog leash offers great comfort and control for your pet.

Practical: they have just enough stretch to avoid jolts, padded hold-loops for comfort and come in a modern, stylish design and colour range.

TRAINING: Unlike recoil leads, Fuzzyards's progressive tension signals your pet to stop - without the jolt. With a solid rubber core and nylon outer braid they are extremely chew resistant.

Safety: Unlike recoil-leads, Fuzzyard's progressive tension keeps you in control - instantly. Fuzzyard Straps have a built-in traffic leader and car restraint. Less jolts on you, and your pets collar and neck with minimal recoil if released. Suggested sizes: Small for up to 30lb/18kg Medium 30 - 60lb/ 18-36kg and Large 60lb / 36kg +


♦ The ultimate 3 in 1 stretch leash

♦ Unique stretch formula - avoids jolts - minimum recoil effect - full control

♦ Traffic-leader and car restraint provides instant close control

♦ Comfortable hand-holds with padding ensures a safe hold

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