Gillette MACH 3 Power Blades- 8 Catridges

* Gillette The Best A Man Can Get


* PowerGlide Blades patented blade coating produces the smoothest blade surface of all Mach3 blades for incredibles comfort
* Combine with the M³Power razor for an incredible shaving experience and gillette's best Mach3 shave.
* M³power cartridges can be used with any Mach3 razor
* Indicator lubrastrip contains Vitamin E and Aloe
* When orange stripe fades away,change the blade for a better shave
* For optimal performance,keep your razor fully powered
* Replace the duracell AAA battery every 3-6 months.Battery n ot included
* For Gillette's Best Power Shave try gillette Fusion Power 

Made In Germany By Gillette company

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