Glade Wax Melts Electric Warmer


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Glade Wax Melts Electric Warmer

♦ The perfect fragrance can make our great rooms even greater. Glade® Wax Melts Warmers fill even the largest rooms with fragrance with a stylish, electric table-top warming dish.  Glade® Wax Melt cubes deliver up to 120 hours of fragrance per pack.


♦ High quality device for irresistible fragrance 

♦ Each individual wax melt provides up to 16 hours of high quality fragrance.

♦ Made from pressed (not poured) wax, which is dry to the touch and prevents greasy or oily hands, each melt is individually packaged which makes it easier and less messy to start your fragrance experience.

♦ Each melt lingers after the wax warmer has been turned off

To use:

1. Remove one Glade® wax melt from packaging and place in center of a clean and empty warmer bowl. Do not use more than one melt at a time.

2 - Plug in and enjoy the fragrance 


♦ Brand: Glade 

♦ Works by Electricity 

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