Go Cat With Beef Chicken and Added Liver 340 g


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Go Cat
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Go Cat With Beef Chicken and Added Liver 340 g

♦ Go-Cat Beef/Chicken & Liver 340g Your cat's unique personality brings something very special to your home, adding joy to your lives. That is why Go Cat provides him/her with the food he/she loves and needs, so he/she can continue to surprise and delight you every day. Delicious, Balanced & Nutritional Diet For Your Cat This super tasty box of dry cat food is 100% complete and offers a balanced healthy nutritional diet for your cats.


♦ It contains high quality protein to help support his/her natural defences, for toned muscles including the heart and for good digestibility. It also has the right balance of essential minerals to help maintain strong bones and teeth and a healthy urinary tract. It has all the essential vitamins a healthy cat needs. Delicious Beef, Chicken & Liver flavour.


♦ Brand: Go Cat 

♦ Size: 340 g 

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