Nescafe Arabiana Instant Arabic Coffee 3 g 20 sticks + Cup Free


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Nescafe Arabiana Instant Arabic Coffee 3 g (20 sticks + Cup Free)

♦ Nescafe Arabiana is an  instant Arabic coffee product made with premium quality green coffee beans infused with natural flavors such as cardamom.  Now, you can prepare your favorite traditional arabic coffee within instants. Just pour it, stir it and enjoy.


♦ Made with carefully selected premium green coffee beans and other ingredients like cardamom to give it the taste you love 
♦ Instant Arabic Coffee With Cardamom
♦ Each stick capable of making 700 ml of coffee

Preparation Method:

♦ 1. Empty the contents of the envelope in a cup
♦ 2. Add 700 ml of hot water
♦ 3. Stir thoroughly
♦ 4. Serve the coffee


♦ Brand: Nescafe
♦ Weight: 3 g (20 Sticks)
♦ Flavor: Cardamom


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