Nestle Gold Crunchy Oats Cornflakes Breakfast Cereal 420 g


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Nestle Gold Crunchy Oats Cornflakes Breakfast Cereal 420 g

♦ Your family's favourite bowl of crunchy goodness is now baked with crispy whole grain oats for a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Every bowl is a source of fiber and fortified with Calcium and Iron.Start your day the right way.


♦ The goodness of Oats, Source of fiber Iron and Calcium

♦ Oats are a good source of plant- based protein

♦ They also provide slow releasing fuel for the body - energy that lasts

♦ Free from pork products and their derivatives.         

♦ Contains cereals containing gluten.   

♦ May containSoya,Nuts and Milk


♦ Cereal Grains (Whole Grain Oat Flakes,Maize Semolina,Whole Grain Wheat flour,Whole Grain Maize Flour,Whole Grain Oat Flour,Wheat Flour), Sugar, Non-Hydrogrnated Sun Flower Oil, Invert Sugar Syrup ,Salt, Barely Malt Extract, Glucose Syrup, Antioxidant: Tocopherols,Colour: Carotene


♦ Brand: Nestle 

♦ Size: 420 g 

Made In Poland 

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