Serjella Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml + 250 ml

♦ Olive Oil extracted from the best olive crops in spain to give you the best taste and the highest quality through a strict processing techniques to ensure taste and to enrich you recipes with the ultimate lovely taste of olive oil,First cold pressed


♦ Olive oil provides a sweet and delicate flavour.
♦ It is ideal for cooking and is recommended to accompany dishes that need light seasoning.
♦ Great on green salads,or just enjoyed on crusty bread. 
♦ With an harmonious aroma and golden colour, it is ideal for baking, grilling, stir-frying vegetables and for pasta dishes. 
♦ Olive oil is perfect for those seeking a balanced diet.


♦ Brand: Serjella
♦ Size: 750 ml + 250 ml

Made In Syria

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