Almas Black Olives 200 g

♦ Almas Black Olives are fantastic for adding sophistication and medium spice to appetizers and cocktails.



♦Non-Genetically modified product

♦ Premium quality Black Olives
♦ Slightly salty flavor
♦ The most popular Black olives exported from Spain. It is a small, oval shaped with a thin, silky skin.
♦ Spanish Black Olives have diverse uses:
♦  Add to potato, macaroni, chicken and green salads
♦  Make a delicious tapenade
♦  Mix into tuna salad and deviled eggs
♦  Top pasta, pizza, and bruschetta
♦  Add to kabob skewers
♦  Open a jar and serve as an appetizer or snack


♦ Brand: Almas
♦ Weight: 200 g

Made In Spain 

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