Pyungchang Poki Kimchi 500 g

♦ The most popular type of Kimchi in Korea that uses the entire Korean cabbage. The best quality cabbages are strictly chosen from each season, which will be slightly salted for a considerable time period. After such preliminary seasoning, the cabbages will be mixed with natural spices prepared according to the middle province style recipe, its served with every meal and has been touted with many healthy benefits.


♦ High quality premium ingredients

♦ Many healthy benefits

♦ No preservatives, no additives, all natural


♦ Pickled cabbage, shredded radish, water, red pepper powder, garlic, flour paste, anchovy sauce, salted shrimp, sugar, onion juice, red pepper juice, ginger and salt. 


♦ Brand: Pyeongchang Fres

♦ Size: 500 g 

Made in South Of Korea 



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