Hydro Fresh Kuwaiti Baby Cucumber (250 g APPROX )


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Hydro Fresh Kuwaiti Baby Cucumber (250 g APPROX )
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Hydro Fresh Kuwaiti Baby Cucumber 250 g

- Cucumbers are full of beneficial nutrients and fiber, and naturally low in calories. They have a crisp, clean, mild flavor that goes well with salad, and they can be sliced and dipped in dressing. 

- Cucumbers are green and fresh-tasting, with lots of water, crunch, and a light hint of honeydew melon in the aroma. 

- They have a refreshing quality that reminds us of subtle mint.
- A cucumber is the gourmet's fire extinguisher — it's better than a glass of water to cool your mouth after eating spicy dishes like curry, blackened fish, or spicy cooked meats. 

- Weight: 250 g

- Origin: Kuwait

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