KFM Hamburger Sesame 8 Buns


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KFM Hamburger Sesame 8 Buns
Kuwait Flour Mills
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KFM Hamburger Sesame 8 Buns

♦ KUWAIT FLOUR MILLS & BAKERIES CO. S.A.K. is a premier establishment in food Industry in the State of Kuwait. It is a primary source for most of food industries and food Distributors in Kuwait.


♦ KFM Arabic Bread is the freshest and do not contain any preservatives
♦ These Bread Bags have small colored plastics bands related to each day of the week indicating the daily freshness of breads
♦ They include White and Brown Bread (both Kubus) in 50 g and 100 g packaging
♦ KFM is also known for its European Bread Products that include White Toast, Brown Toast, Normal Toast, White Sour Dough Toast, Brown Sour Dough Toast, Hamburger Buns, Bran Hamburger Buns, Soft Rolls, Hard Rolls, Hot Dog Rolls and Rukak Bread (Crepe)


♦ Brand: KFM
♦ Net weight: 8 Buns

Made in Kuwait

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