Trill Finch (Birds Food) 500 g


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Trill Finch (Birds Food) 500 g

♦ Triple Action formula, A variety of Seeds + Nutrivit Grains For Finch.
♦ Developed with our nutritionist and veterenarians of Waltham.

♦ Triple action Formula

♦ Complete finch food

♦ For a healthy, happy life for your bird 

Triple Protection for your Finch:

  1. Iodine S11 is necessary for healthy thyroid glands and helps to prevent goitre.
  2. Calcium is required for healthy bones.
  3. 11 Active Vitamins which are important for the body’s immune system and to support the metabolism. They also help in maintaining a healthy body

Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients by Mars Australia Pty Ltd trading as Mars Birdcare Australia,


Made in Australia

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