Pedigree Pets Food (Adult Dogs) Vital Protection-Chicken and Vegetable Flavor 3 kg


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Pedigree Pets Food (Adult Dogs) Vital Protection-Chicken and Vegetable Flavor 3 kg

♦ A shout out to all dog lovers and pet parents…..want the best for your dogs? Then, give them Pedigree® Dog Food, which comes in a full range of dry food, wet food and treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Pedigree® Beef Loaf Wet Dog Food is specially formulated to provide your pooch with all the energy and nourishment needed to keep healthy and looking its best. It meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Profiles for maintenance. Made with flavorful morsels in delectable gravy sauce, Pedigree® Beef Loaf meaty dog food provides the perfect balance of oils and minerals for healthy skin and a glistening coat. Highly digestible for easy absorption, Pedigree® Beef Loaf is the best way to ensure your pet gets the most from their wet dog food. Help your pooch grow happy & healthy with Pedigree® Beef Loaf Wet Dog Food. Pedigree®. We are for dogs.


  • Oral Care: Every dog deserves a happy mouth. Since dogs live their life through their mouth and keeping their teeth and gums healthy is important for them. Pedigree Dry Kibbles helps clean teeth and support healthy gums through providing a gentle abrasive action.
  • Digestion: Every dog deserves a healthy belly. Like humans, dogs benefit from the right balance of fibre in their diet. With an improved blend of soluble and insoluble fibre, new Pedigree dry recipes help ensure healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Skin & Coat: Every dog deserves to look and feel healthy. Our recipes are specially formulated with the key essential nutrients with soy oil and Zinc that will help nourish your dog’s skin and coat.
  • Immunity: Every dog deserves little extra defense. Dogs like to sniff around so protection and strength should come from the inside- from a healthy immune system. New Pedigree dry recipes contain vitamin E-an antioxidant, and minerals to help defend a dog from the inside.



♦ Brand: Pedigree

♦ Size: 400 Gms

Made in Spain


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