Honig Dumplings 500 g


* good quality

* Just add water , yeast included

* Mix for dumplings for 50 pieces

* Ingredients : wheat flour,sugar,salt , yeast

* Net weight : 500g

* Produced in EU (Germany)


Directions for use


* Mix the sachet of yeast in a bowl with the mix for dumplings

* Stir with a whisk 1/2 liter warm water into the mix ,start from the centre , till you have a smooth batter

* Cover the batter with a moist cloth and let it rise in a draught proof ,warm place for about 3/4 of an hour

* Heat cooking oil

* Make balls of the batter

* Cook the dumplings for approx 3-5 minutes until they become golden brown

* Add honey ..........according to your taste


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