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Hot Toys The Transformers Generation 1, Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) 30cm


- The Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) Collectible Figure specially features:
- Authentic and detailed likeness of Optimus Prime from THE TRANSFORMERS GENERATION 1
- Approximately 30 cm tall
- Over 36 points of articulations
- Special features on armor:
- LED-lighted eyes (white light, battery operated)
- Chest can be opened to reveal LED light up Matrix of Leadership (white light, battery operated)
- One (1) pair of palms with movable fingers
- Metallic red, silver, yellow and blue colored painting on armor with distress effect
- Embossed Autobot insignia on left shoulder

- One (1) cannon
- Two (2) rifles mountable on shoulder or forearm

- One (1) pair of wings
- One (1) set of wheels mountable on figure’s back
- Two (2) back mounting accessories
- One (1) rocky ground diorama base with Autobots’ logo

Special Edition Bonus Accessory (for selected markets only):
- One (1) Starscream head

- Figure Concept Designed by Ray Lee
- Figure Painted by Lok Ho

*Prototype shown is not final, pending licensor approval
*Product details could be subjected to change without further notice
*Battery included for collectible figure, button cells are required

Special Features:
- A highly detailed mechanical structure and remarkable painting applications with distress effect, a pair of Starscream’s wings, weapons, and a rocky ground diorama base with Autobots’ logo.

- Product Code: TF001
- Height: Approximately 30cm tall

Delivery time: within 48 working hours
Working hours: from 10:00 AM : 8:00 PM

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