Huggies Stage 4 (From 7-18 kg) Large 19 Pieces


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Huggies Stage 4 (From 7-18 kg) Large 19 Pieces


Huggies Stage 4 (From 7-18 kg) Large 19 Pieces

♦ Equipped with a super absorbent core, these diapers ensure that your child stays fresh and dry for long hours. These diapers are dermatologically tested to ensure that your child's skin remain soft and free of rashes and other problems. The Huggies nappies boast a unique shape that looks like it has been especially designed to suit your child's size and requirements. As it is crafted from a breathable fabric, the Huggies newborn nappies keep abrasions and rashes at bay.


♦ Unique shape that fits your baby naturally and allows unrestricted movement

♦ Super breathable to prevent nappy rash

♦ Dermatologically tested

♦ Great leakage protection with elastic waistband and fasteners

♦ Super dry with triple absorbent core which quickly draws in the moisture

♦ Grip tabs and a Snug Fit waistband for a secure fit


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