Fibre One Peanut Butter Popcorn Bars 4 x 21 g

♦ We all need a moment (or two) each day to revel in a little indulgence. Our irresistible sweet treats taste so amazing it's hard to believe each brownie is a 90 calorie snack. Deliciously satisfying and guaranteed to hit the spot, they're baked naturally high in fibre and lower in fat**. So sit back, take a moment, and treat yourself to a little Guilt Free Indulgence!


♦ Contains at least 30% more fibre and 30% less fat

♦ Only 90 calories

♦ A tasty combination of rich moist texture, real chocolate chips

♦ Contains 20% Daily Value of Fiber

♦ No flavors, colors, or sweeteners from artificial sources


♦ Brand: Fiber One

♦ Size: 4 x 21 g 

Made In UK 

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