Intex Reef Rider Sports Set (Age 8 + )


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Intex Reef Rider Sports Set (Age 8 + )


Intex Reef Rider Sports Set (Age 8+)

♦ Discover priceless shells and aqua life with the Intex Reef Rider Sports Set. For endless summer fun, this set comes complete with a Reef Rider Mask, Free-Flo Snorkel, and Super Sport Fins (fits shoe sizes 5-8).


♦ Best for ages 8 & up
♦ Set includes: Super Sport Fins, Easy-Flo Snorkels & Reef Rider Mask
♦ Super Sport Fins: 
High density polymer blades for strong, powerful leg strokes
♦ Easy-Flo Snorkels: Thermoplastic rubber mouthpiece for extra soft comfortable fit, Head contour design with large diameter breathing tube & splash proof guard to keep surface water out
♦ Reef Rider Mask: Hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber skirt for a soft comfortable fit & polycarbonates lenses for safety


♦ Brand: Intex
♦ Item.Ref: 55957

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