JOHNSON’S Body Wash With Rose Water 400 ml


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JOHNSON’S Body Wash With Rose Water 400 ml


JOHNSON’S Body Wash With Rose Water 400 ml

* Body Care Vita – Rich soothing body wash with rose water infused with skin loving rose water and moisturizing glycerine  , used as a popular ingredient in soothing beauty home remedies. This pearly rose-scented body wash will soothe your senses while actively hydrating your skin and leaving it feeling beautifully soft, revitalized and looking healthy. 

Features :

* This rich velvety formula actively hydrates skin & helps to soothe  leaving it feeling beautiful soft , revitalized & looking healthy

* The new JOHNSON’S® VITA-RICH range is made with skin-loving natural ingredients that each provide your skin with a unique benefit

* The uniquely rich formula of extracts and moisturizing glycerin within every Vita-Rich product nourish and nurture your skin, leaving your skin looking  noticeably healthier, and feeling softer, and smoother

* Enjoy a long lasting shower-fresh feeling.

* Infused with refreshing fragrances to leave your skin feeling soft & smelling great.

* Gently wash away impurities to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.

Specifications :

* Brand : Johnsons

* Size: 400 ml

Made in ITALY

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