Fresh Jordanian Sweet Melon (2 kg Approx)


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Fresh Jordanian Sweet Melon (2 kg Approx)

♦ Melon fruit contains a lot of water also rich in vitamins and minerals, so it has many benefits for our health. 


♦ Orange-colored fruit inside. 
♦ Sweet but not oversweet, a ripe melon has a beautiful floral aroma. 
♦ The firm flesh has plenty of juice. 
♦ This popular melon is perfect any time of day, 
♦ As an anticancer.
♦ Exhaust system helps to prevent constipation.
♦ Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
♦ Prevent blood clotting.
♦ Reduce the risk of kidney disease.
♦ Eczema cure.
♦ Prevent and cure heartburn.


♦ Weight: 1-2 kg
♦ Origin: Jordan

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