KFM (SOFRA) Cooking Book

“Sofra” is where the family gathers on a pleasant meal made with love. “Sofra” cooking book present to you group of variety and delicious recipes, in a modern way with a past flavor. And special chapter about managing and organizing the kitchen. Sofra is the latest version of KFMB cookbooks, that suits with the rapid life rhythm, through innovative and quick preparation recipes of KFMB products with a reference of smart solutions in kitchen management

Sofra Contains 208 Pages and four cooking chapters, each offers a range of appetizers, main dishes and dessets recipes

  • For every home and every family
  • in English and Arabic languages
  • Ideal for all those who don't have enough time for cooking
  • Ideal for all those who wish to get the taste of mothers cooking
  • To all those who seek innovation and renewal
  • Sofra Book Categories: Sana'a, Tubakh omy, Zetat, Ryoog and Gluten-Free
  • Issued by Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Co.
  • Pages No.: 208
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