Khind Emergency Light EM2004G

Blackout! Fear no more...Khind rechargeable emergency light comes just in time. Fix to wall or ceiling than connected to power supply and it’s all ready to serve you. 



-Overcharged protection circuit that extend battery's life span by 3 times

-Reliable and durable

-Special discharge circuitry to prevent "Black End" fluorescent tubes during starting, and this extends the tubes life by 5 more times.

-Built in AC cording for easing charging

-Portable and wall mounted for convenience of use

-Built-in compartment for cord storage



-Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz

-Fluorescent tube : 2 X 10W

-Battery type : 6V 4.5AH (Sealed lead acid)

-Charging time : 15 hours


Warranty: 1 year

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