Kovea Moowalker Automatic Camping Gas Stove (Medium Size)


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Kovea Moowalker Automatic Camping Gas Stove (Medium Size)

♦ This Moowalker Automatic Camping Gas Stove is lightweight, robust and very stable, a very useful cooker for any camping trip.


♦ Double pipe anti-flare system: Prevents liquefaction and flaring of the gas

♦ Electric piezo ignition: Silicone cap protects lgniter from inflow of the foreign substances

♦ Wide angle support legs: provide a stable pan support for larger cooking pans but fold away for compact storage

♦ Three-way windshield: protection system helps direct heat to pan and avoid wind gust fluctuations

♦ Compact valve and tap: makes it compact size and lightweight

♦ Fluorine hose: High durability fluorine steel hose

♦ Plastic box for storing


♦ Brand: Kovea

♦ Item Name: Moonwalker

♦ Size: 118x103x92 mm

♦ Weight: 306g

♦ Gas consumption: 140g/h

Made in Korea

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