L'Oreal White Perfect Day Cream 50 ml + Night Cream 50 ml


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L'Oreal White Perfect Day Cream 50 ml + Night Cream 50 ml  

♦ The l'oreal laboratories present a new generation of formulas that are more effective than ever before at reducing melanin for fairer skin.

Product Information:

♦ Double Action:
1-helps stop melanin production at the source
2-helps remove melanin already in the skin
♦ Enriched with Tourmaline gemstones, known to help stimulate skin's microcirculation,it acts during the night for a radiant rosy glow in the morning.
♦ Soothes and reinforces the skin
♦ Contain vitamin E helps to fight against free radical's damage on skin 


♦ Immediately,skin feels soothed and comfortable
♦ It is smoother,softer and more supple 
♦ Upon awakening,skin is clarified,more transparent and radiant
♦ Night after night, spots are visibly reduced ,skin looks visibly fairer and more even,with a healthy rosy glow


♦ Fresh and non greasy,the re-comforting and velvety texture of new white perfect night cream is quickly absorbed,leaving your skin soft and supple,with no feeling of stickiness

Made For L'oreal Paris By PT Yasulor.Indonesia

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