Laban Up Fresh Laban 6x200 ml


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Laban Up Fresh Laban 6x200 ml
Laban Up


Laban Up Fresh Laban 6x200 ml

♦ It is a healthy and refreshing drink especially in hot weather as it replenishes the sodium level in the body after heavy sweating. LabanUp is consumed on different times and occasions of the day sometime as a thirst quencher, meal on its own, accompaniment to food, and so on.


♦ Laban Up is a salty drink that is popular to have during snack time
♦ Laban Up is also a staple during Ramadan Iftar.  It so delicious.
♦ Has all the advantages of yogurt
♦ It is very low in calories and cholesterol

♦ Suits well to lactose intolerant people


♦ Brand: Laban Up
♦ Capacity: 6 x 200 ml

Made In UAE 

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