Laica Digital Baby Bottle and Food Warmer BC1004

- 2 products in 1: to warm up milk bottles, jars, and food containers.

- Baby bottle heater surely loves to use moms want for their little ones the best. Included is a bottle holder and measuring cup.

- Heats milk bottles and jars and other containers with food for children

- LED display for precise adjustment of heating time

- Warranty: 1 year

- How to use :

- The device is powered by a common power supply.

- Adjustable the heating time in a safe and accurate way, based on the quantity of liquid or food to be warmed up.

- Equipped with LED-display to adjust the heating time and with operation warning lights.

- Adjustable heating time depending on the amount of food or milk.

- Equipped with Baby bottle/jar holding basket and measuring scoop.

- Thus, milk or food is ready for a happy meal for your baby.

- Brand: Laica


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