Laica Electronic Body Composition Scale PS5010W


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Laica Electronic Body Composition Scale - PS5010W

♦ Fitness is an important part of your life and now you’re ready to move to a higher level. Whether it’s to get fitter, lose weight or just for the satisfaction that comes from working out, our range of medical approved with stylish, high precision body analyzer scales can help you monitor your fitness to perfection.


♦ 8 person memory

♦ it measures your WEIGHT
♦ it calculates the BODYFAT %
♦ it calculates the WATER %
♦ it calculates the basal METABOLIC RATE

♦ Maximum Weight: 150 kg

♦ Battery: 2 x 3V replaceable lithium CR2032 (included)

♦ Display LCD: 7.6 x 3.5 cm

♦ Dimensions:  3 x 31 x 2.45 cm


♦ Brand: Laica

♦ Model: PS5010W

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