Laica Facial Sauna MD6062

♦ Beneficial Action of Steam Allows a Deep Cleansing Facial & Accurately Removing Impurities & Blackheads


♦ Refreshed & Hydrated Skin will be Rejuvenated & Brighter

♦ Ideal for Home Use to Remove Makeup Thoroughly

♦ Opening Pores & Facilitate Tanning Avoiding Dry Skin

♦ Deep Clean Skin & Get Rid of Acne & Blackheads

♦ Rehydrate Facial Skin, Stimulate Blood Circulation & Remove Dead Cells.

♦ Besides Facial Cone Inhalation through the Mouth, is Equipped with a Special Mask for Inhalation through the Nose.


♦ Brand: Lacia

♦ Model: MD6062

Dimensions: 24.4 x 17.3 x 17.1 cm

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